Ryedale Pet Homes was set up in 2001 with the prime aim of designing and building high quality rabbit hutches.

From humble beginnings, the company has gained an enviable reputation for producing what are arguably the very best rabbit hutches in the UK. The designs and the quality of materials ensure that the rabbit hutches are not only durable but provide an excellent home for pet rabbits and guinea pigs. These hutches also look great in any location where they are sited.

Although all the hutches we build are bespoke to customers needs, there are 4 main categories of hutches:

  • Single Hutches
  • Double Hutches
  • Triple Hutches
  • Specials

Single Hutches

These are single storey hutches which are mostly suitable for 1 rabbit or maybe 2 smaller rabbits. There can be many variations to these hutches where options can include stands, run attachments, a run underneath the hutch, apex roof, security bolts, night shutters and more. We always try to cater for whatever the customer requires. We do variations of the hutches in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 7ft widths. We can make them even wider if that’s what you require.
To give you an idea of what is available, click on the link below to view our standard models of single hutches:-


Our double hutches are 2 storey hutches designed and built to the same high standards as the single hutches. Again these are also bespoke builds to customer requirements with lots of options to choose from such as runs, apex roofs, security bolts, run to go under the hutches, extra height and a choice of width. These hutches look amazing and with a little loving care will last for many years.
To view examples of our double rabbit hutches, click on the link below:-


These unbelievable hutches are three storey hutches are are ideal for the avid rabbit enthusiast to keep a small number of rabbits in one hutch. Trapdoors and ladders can be added to these hutches to provide access from one floor to another or they can be kept separate. The same options that are available for the single and double hutches can also be included with these triple hutches. If you decide to get one of these, make sure you have plenty of room to site them as they are very big hutches.
The superior design and build quality coupled with amazing looks, make these hutches pretty much the best that money can buy.
For more information, clike here:-


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